news ✮ अभिनेता सलमान खानचा बाॅडीगार्ड शेराने शिवबंधन बांधत केला शिवसेनेत प्रवेश ✮ भूमिपुत्र तरुणांसाठी लढल्याने माझ्यावर अनेक गुन्हे दाखल - राज ठाकरे ✮ बबनराव लोणीकारांवर आचारसंहिता भंगाचा गुन्हा दाखल ✮ जॉन्सन बेबी पावडरमध्ये कॅन्सरकारक घटकाचे पुरावे; ३३ हजार बॉटल्स परत मागवल्या ✮

About Us

Maharashtra news gives you up-to-date and latest Marathi News.

Maharashtra news is borne out of concerted efforts from a team of veteran scribes who have weathered the ups and downs print, broadcast and new media journalism. Maharashtra news is a multimedia news-portal-cum-content-dissemination-platform that offers a journalistic perspective to information and opinion meticulously curated to suit the new age consumer of information, news and current affairs. It has been conceptualised by team of award winning journalists.

The platform has entrusted upon itself to disseminate curated information juxtaposed with fair opinion that evokes thought and builds insight into the curious minds and common people at large. The site brings news, information and opinions of a cross section of people who respect unique, left, right and centre of plural thoughts and they are devout followers of the constitution of India.

Maharashtra is considered to be one of the progressive states of India and its people have a broader outlook towards the world. Maharashtra News promises to present news from the point of view of people who are interested in maharashtra, maharashtrian people who are interested in the world and all others who are interested in issues that connect the state with the globe and vice-versa.

The editorial policy of the news portal is to strictly adhere to the provisions of freedom of expression provided in the constitution of India in its totality. To deal with unlimited diverse opinion that aims to alleviate all the factors of human development index and represent long term interests of people at large.

Maharashtra News pledges to subject itself to constant scrutiny and feedback of the stakeholders from society at large, its readers, listeners, viewers, participants and all other types of consumers.

The content team is led by executive editor Mandar Joshi who is responsible for the sanctity of the content. The editorial team comprises of reporters, editors, writers, columnists and bloggers who claim their credit in different sections of the portal. The editorial director Meghana Samant leads the team of publishers and multimedia professionals.

For any enquiry please contact manager[at]coherentmediaworks[dot]com or post comments on the portal's community section.

For emergency purposes please contact the news traffic desk (Whatsapp or SMS only) at +91 93722 60141


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